The aim of the project is to study conservation problems
identity and culture of ethnic groups in the 21st century and
phenomenon of Siberian identity
A surprising fact, but in different everyday and research situations statistics show that every year an increasing number of Siberian residents on the question of their nationality call themselves "Siberians," and yet such a nationality does not exist. The Siberians often call themselves Germans and Russified, and visitors from the former Soviet republics, Siberian Tatars, numerous representatives of the indigenous peoples of the Far North. Siberians are residents of Siberia of different ethnicity, in the large Tyumen region live more than 150 ethnic groups.
Mutual respect, understanding, knowledge of the history and tradition are the key to the ethnic and religious harmony. Photo project "SIBERIANS" is a documentary photo-survey of the ethno-cultural environment of the peoples living on the territory of Ugra, Yamal and the south of the Tyumen region.
Photo exhibition "SIBERIANS" can become one of the instruments of "people's diplomacy", aimed at strengthening the sense of community of nations, the formation and harmonization of inter-ethnic and inter-confessional relations in the region.
Here you can see a small part of the photo exhibition
The opening of the photo exhibition "Sibiryaki" took place
November 30, 2016 in Tyumen
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